Meet katie

founder, creator and host of muse room


I was going through the motions of life until one day, driving to one of my second jobs that I didn’t really like, and an idea landed on my shoulder and asked to work with me…

Before I continue with the story of how Muse Room was started, let me tell you a little bit about myself. My name is Katie and I am a mid-twenties gal in Cleveland, Ohio. Growing up, instead of going to sleepovers and playing sports, I was in the ballet studio, dreaming of becoming a dancer with a big company like New York City Ballet. It’s pretty much all I thought about, other than food and Harry Potter. But I guess you could say that for the last 20 years or so my life has been 100% committed to dance. As I got older of course I had other interests but dance was still at the top of the list. I began taking an interest in writing and journalism in high school but that got put on the back burner when I graduated and moved to Cincinnati for college. I continued my training in dance at the College Conservatory of Music (CCM) and spent most of my time in the dance department. The summer before my junior year I was given a traineeship with Cincinnati Ballet which took up all of my time. I barely had time to do homework let alone have time for a job. It was a great learning experience but I quickly understood that it was not the environment for me. After I graduated from CCM I got a job with Neos Dance Theatre. It was perfect because it was near my hometown and we rehearsed in the studios that I grew up in. I’m now in my third season with this company and I couldn’t be more grateful. I’ve become a better dancer, started to find my confidence and I feel like I am part of a family. But at the beginning of 2018 I began to feel the pull for something more. Don’t get me wrong, I still identify as a dancer and Neos is still my home but I started feeling a desire to create an identity outside of dance.

That’s where Muse Room comes in.

One of my friends at the company reminded me of my creativity. She also is the one who introduced me to podcasts. She began sending me all sorts of podcasts and I was hooked. My job requires me to drive all over the north eastern region of Ohio so podcasts made those drives a little less dreadful. I began to feel like the hosts of the podcasts were my friends. This friend also introduced me to books like Big Magic which helped me realize that I could live a creative life again.

So one day in February during one of those long drives…

An idea landed in my head and asked if it could work with me. It asked me if I wanted to start my own podcast. Now this is something I had thought about before but I always told myself things like, “Why should I have a podcast?”, “What do I have to say?”, “No one is going to listen”, etc. But for some reason this time it was different. I realized that before I was only listening to fear. So when I was greeted by the idea to start my own podcast, I said yes. And from that moment forward I was consumed with this idea.

I began sending e-mails to people I have never met before, asking them to be guests on my podcast. I texted and old friend and asked if she would be willing to make my album art. I texted another friend and asked if he could make my intro music. It was all coming together pretty quickly. Something I have learned from listening to other podcasts and chatting with my own podcast guests, is that its never going to be perfect. A new problem is always going to encounter you and say “Hey! Here is another roadblock. Are you willing to work through it?” So yeah, I could have spent months or years even to perfect this podcast but would I have ever launched if that were the case? I kinda doubt it…

So I just did it. I put myself out into the world and I have no regrets.

Now Muse Room is more than just a podcast. Its a community. Its a hub for inspiration. Its a book club, a blog, a podcast and even your podcasting assistant.

So welcome to my corner of the world, I hope you enjoy your stay.