5 Incredible Reasons to Start Your Dream Podcast NOW!

You’re just starting to get into podcasting. You are listening to 5+ hours of podcasts a day. Podcast hosts are starting to feel like your friends. You’re thinking, “Man, it would be cool if I had my own podcast!” But you never let that thought become a real possibility. You brush it off and say, “I have nothing important to say. Who would listen to my podcast?” or “I am not creative enough.” And of course there's, “I wouldn’t even know where to start.”

Trust me. I know how you’re feeling. This is where I once was, but I decided to not let the fear take control.

I was also listening to hours and hours of podcasts every day. I was also wondering what it would be like to have my own podcast. For a while I let these thoughts, the ones that you may be having right now, take control. But then one day, I realized I was letting fear drive me. So, I changed my mindset. Instead,  I thought, “Why SHOULDN’T I have a podcast?” and I got right to work. That same week I began reaching out to people I had never met before and I have zero regrets.

Here are a few reasons why you should stop second guessing yourself and just start.

1. Elevate your voice and the voice of others

Sure, I know what you’re thinking. “I don’t have a voice and I have nothing to say!” Well first, that is just wrong. You are a unique human that has unique experiences and you have passion for something. Before you dismiss the idea of having your own podcast, get out a journal and start writing. Your voice will come out and you will decide what kind of story you need to share with the world. Maybe you’re really passionate about mental health. That is something that needs to be talked about! And you have a unique perspective on it. That perspective has the possibility of really benefiting someone else’s life. Or maybe you’re really passionate about cooking, thrifting, or feminism! Whatever it is, it’s important to share with people. Get out your journal and figure out what that is. Ask yourself, “What is something that I talk about with my friends that really sets my soul on fire?”

Once you’ve done your journaling, just start talking about the topic! You can also elevate the voices of others by having conversations with the people around you. Before you know it your voice will begin to develop and you will have something valuable to share with the world!

2. Create community

Podcasting gives you the opportunity to meet a lot of new people. This is part of the reason why I started my podcast, Muse Room. At the time, I didn’t know a lot of people in Cleveland and I didn’t feel like I was part of any community.

You can create community through interviewing people or connecting with your listeners. For me it is both. I have connected with an incredible array of creative people and that alone has made starting this podcast worth it.

My advice to you is to find someone on Instagram that you really admire and send them a message. Chances are, they will respond. Ask them to get coffee. Trust me, I’ve done this a million times.  If they don’t respond, no harm done. Then, once you have your podcast, find ways to engage with your listeners. Survey them on social media for their feedback, start a secret Facebook group or plan a meet up.


3. You already have a blog

Maybe you have a blog where you share the stories of others. Or, maybe your blog is about cooking. Whatever you already write about, I’ll bet that your readers have been waiting for you to start a podcast. Audio can take your blog to a whole new level because hearing someone’s voice makes it a lot easier to connect with them. This alone will improve your engagement with readers. Sometimes audio can allow you to dive into a subject in a way that writing doesn’t always allow. Now don’t get me wrong, I still love reading blog posts and articles but audio allows you to articulate things in a different way.

I challenge you to turn one of your blogpost topics into a podcast episode. If you’re already writing, then you probably already have developed your own voice, so what is holding you back?

4. You’re a business owner

If you own a small business, then you have TONS of knowledge to share. More and more people are starting their own businesses and podcasts are a great way to learn how to do it. Whether you’re a restaurant owner, a candle maker, or even a photographer, people want to learn about how YOU became a successful business owner. Podcasting also gives you a new way to connect with potential customers in a meaningful way. It can lead to higher sales and maybe give someone the boost they needed to commit to working with you.

5. It’s not as expensive as you would think

Sure, you can spend a lot of money trying to perfect your podcast, but you should absolutely not allow money to hold you back. Fun fact: it is actually 100% possible to start a podcast with NO MONEY at all! You don’t need to purchase all of the fancy equipment right away, in fact, you can use your laptop and smart phone ear buds to begin recording today!

Audacity is a free audio editing software that is pretty user friendly and there are tons of YouTube videos on how to use it. There are also free websites where you can host your podcast, such as Anchor. As long as the content you are sharing is valuable, listeners won’t care if you don’t have the perfect sound right away. All of that can come with time, so just get your content out into the world. Trust me, people want to hear what YOU have to say. The rest will follow.

There you have it. 5 incredible reasons to stop listening to your fears and start podcasting today. I hope this inspired you to get that podcast you have always dreamed of out into the world, because trust me, the world needs to hear it. If you have any other questions about podcasting I would be happy to chat. Shoot me an e-mail to museroompodcast@gmail.com And be sure to check out my services page. We will be booking clients soon!

Photo by Stephanie of    Tall Hair Creative

Photo by Stephanie of Tall Hair Creative

Katherine Tackett