Identifying your dream listener

We’ve all heard in business that we need to target our services and products to our dream client. Did you know that the same thing applies in podcasting? Yup. It does. This is actually one of the first things I advise new podcasters to do. So today I’m here to tell you why that is, and how you can go about creating your dream listener. Go grab your notebook, you’re about to do some journaling.

So why do you need to create a dream listener profile? Well, like I said, in business we are taught to target our offerings to our dream client or customer. I haven’t heard of many success stories where business owners target their services or products to everyone. Can you? I mean, maybe Target? Or Starbucks? But that’s not the point. If you don’t nail down exactly who you are selling to, you’re going to create a product that is generic and when something is generic, it’s not going to sell. Essentially when you try to sell to everyone you are going to sell to no one. This concept rings true in podcasting as well.

Another reason that you need to create a dream listener is because you need to have that person in mind when you are making decisions. If your ideal listener is an artist working all day in their studio, you might consider doing a long form conversation style podcast. If your dream listener is a busy mom, a long form podcast might not be a good idea. There are many decisions that you will come across when you have your own podcast. Whether these are more creative, or more logistical, you always want to consider what it is that your dream listener wants.

What are some of these questions?

  • How long your podcast should be (By the way, there is no set time that is known for being perfect. The length of your podcast should be based on your specific content.)

  • What time of day should you release your podcast?

  • What day of the week?

  • Is it a relaxed conversation format or more of a formal, highly produced style?

  • How much of your own personality do you want to expose in your podcast?

  • Do your listeners want to hear more than one episode a week?

  • What do my listeners want to learn this week?

I could go on and on with this list of questions. But you get the point right? Always take on the perspective of your dream listener when answering these kinds of questions.

Alright, now that you understand why creating a dream listener is necessary it’s time to get out your journal. I am going to suggest that you create up to three dream listener profiles because you may be targeting your podcast to more than one demographic. Be sure to be as specific as possible.

Ready? Grab your pen and answer these questions. Use a new page for each profile.

  1. What age group are they in?

  2. Where do they live?

  3. Gender?

  4. Married or single?

  5. Do they have pets or children?

  6. What do they do for a living?

  7. What do they do for fun?

  8. Where does this person hang out? (Physical location and internet)

  9. Who do they follow on social media?

  10. What brands do they follow?

  11. What other content to they engage in-what books do they read, what TV shows do they watch?

  12. What problems do they need solved?

  13. What questions do they have?

  14. What are their goals?

  15. What is your solution to their problem?

Now that you have your dream listener profiles, hold on to them. I’m actually going to recommend creating one vessel that you can use to hold all of your podcast information. This could be a box, a folder, a journal, a file on your computer or even a google doc. Put your dream listener profiles in here so you always know where to find them. In this vessel you can also keep reviews, interview notes, show notes, your list of dream guests, sponsorship info, etc. It’s important to keep records of all things podcasting, so in a future blog post I am going to tell you all about what you need to be keeping track of as a podcaster. Stay tuned and happy podcasting!

Katherine Tackett