(10) Stephanie Sheldon, founder of The Cleveland Flea, Our Creative Clubhouse and Indie Foundry

I’ve been going to The Cleveland Flea for a few years now so I was so thrilled when I finally got a chance to sit down and chat with Stephanie. We met up at one of my favorite Cleveland coffee shops called Rising Star and sat outside on a picnic bench. I left the recording unedited so you may hear a dog bark, a new voice chime in or the buzz of a coffee grinder. I think all of these extra sounds will make you feel like you’re sitting right there with us on that picnic bench.

Stephanie was a great podcast guest. She filled me in on what her childhood was like, what pushed her into starting her own business, fear and how The Cleveland Flea got started. She shares a ton of knowledge so if you’re not driving make sure you take notes.

Here’s how you can connect with Stephanie:

-Her personal website

-The Cleveland Flea Website

-Our Creative Clubhouse


-Stephanie Sheldon

-The Cleveland Flea

-Our Creative Clubhouse

Katherine Tackett