(7) Leah Rachocki, Certified Rolfer

I absolutely LOVED this conversation. Leah Rachocki is a certified Rolfer here in Cleveland. We talk about:

-What is Rolfing?

-How did she get into Rolfing?

-The fact that we don’t have to accept the pain we are in. We can choose to release it.

-Everything in our body has a job.

And more!

Some books Leah is loving:

-The Hidden Life of Trees by Wohlleben

-The Overstory by Richard Powers

-Norse Mythology by Neil Gaimans

-Snow Child by Eowyn Ivey

-A Naturalist at Karge by Bernd Heinrich

Podcasts she is loving:

-WTF with Marc Maron

-On Being with Krista Tippit, especially this episode with Elizabeth Gilbert.

-Joe Rogan Experience

-Bliss and Grit

Leah was also a guest on this podcast.

Connect with Leah:


Send her an e-mail: leah@clevelandrolfing.com

Katherine Tackett