(8) Katie Dalebout, podcaster and author

I started listening to Katie Dalebout’s podcast about a year ago and was immediately hooked. I started digging through the archives of her podcast right away, followed her on Instagram, got her book and soon enough she began to feel like a friend, even thought I had never met her. I decided to just send her an e-mail to see if she wanted to be on my podcast and she graciously accepted. I really loved this conversation and am so grateful Katie joined me on the podcast. The entire time it felt like I was just talking to a friend and those are my favorite interviews. We talk about what is inspiring her, podcasting, her relationship with money, navigating her twenties, female friendship and body image. I hope you enjoy this conversation as much as I did.

Notes from the show:

-A journaling prompt in her book on manifesting money. Find it on page 136 of her book. Find her book here.

-Reprogram your beliefs around money with Lacy Phillips of Free and Native. Here you can find her workshop on opulence.

-Listen to Katie’s interview with Lacy.

Books we mention:

-Money, a Love Story by Kate Northrup

-Lucky Bitch by Denise Duffield-Thomas

-Text Me When You Get Home by Kayleen Schaeffer

-Star Girl by Jerry Spinelli

-Real Happiness by Sharon Salzburg

Podcasts we mention:

-You Made it Weird with Pete Holmes

-WTF with Marc Maron

-Fresh Air with Terry Gross

-Second Life

-The Daily

-Pop Rocket

-Almost 30

-Call Your Girlfriend

Katie talks about journaling and her book on these podcasts:

-That’s So Retrograde

-That’s So Maven by The Healthy Maven

Connect with Katie:


-Her podcast

-Her website

-Her podcasting course

Katherine Tackett