(15) Kaitie Nickel, Founder of Cleveland Vibes

In this episode I chat with the founder of Cleveland Vibes which is your source for all Cleveland culture, food, art and lifestyle. I met up with Kaitie at Cleveland Tea Revival (which has been my go to spot for interviews lately) and we talked about how Cleveland Vibes got started. Kaitie is such a warm and supportive person and the community of Cleveland is so lucky to have her. If anything about this episode resonates with you please screenshot it on whatever podcast player you’re listening on and upload it to your Instagram stories. Tag us so Kaitie and I know you are listening. :)

Kaitie is a huge champion for Cleveland so you know you can trust her suggestions for new spots to try out. Here are some of the businesses she gives a shout out to in the episode:

-Little Red Bird Custom Cookies

-Thai Thai

-Il Rione Pizzeria


-Mad Mac’s

Connect with Kaitie:



Katherine Tackett