(16) Samantha Walters, Founder of She Collective

I chatted with Sam from She Collective just a few days after Kavanaugh was appointed and this episode comes out soon after the Trump administration announced that it is working towards defining transgender people out of existence. So I am feeling the pull to use this platform to talk about some of the pressing issues we are facing as humans. I love talking to creatives about their businesses but I am also starting to wonder about how things like creativity, intersectional-feminism, inspiration, anti-racism, wellness, entrepreneurship and activism are intertwined. And how do we make things like women’s healthcare accessible to a wider range of people? I think this episode is a good place to start. I sat down with Sam and we talked about what is inspiring her, how to maintain momentum as an activist, her journey as a doula and lactation consultant and why she felt the need to provide a space that became the She Collective. Among other things, Sam talked about how human to human work is important right now and how leveraging privilege is harmful. So I hope you enjoy this episode and thank you so much for tuning in.

Check out this blog post on the She Collective website about why trans, non-binary and gender non-conforming people are welcome at the She Collective.

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