(18) Lindy Hale, Founder of A Linderella Story

Thank you so much for tuning into Episode 18 of the podcast! I am so excited you’re here. I met Lindy through the internet which is how I’ve met a lot of people lately. I really do think platforms like Instagram are a gift because it allows me to connect with people I normally wouldn’t come into contact with. It feels good to turn an interaction on the internet into something that is real and tangible. And because of Instagram I was connected with today’s podcast guest. Lindy has a blog called A Linderella Story where she shares stories of the humans behind super cool brands and creative projects. Just like I use podcasting as a way of connecting with people, she uses writing as a way of connecting with people. In our conversation we talk about her journey into starting her blog, writer’s and creative block, our interview processes and more. Lindy cares deeply about supporting women and the creatives in out community so I think you’ll fall in love with her right away. So, enjoy our conversation and if it does resonate with you please consider sharing it with a friend.

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