(19) Nina and Liz, hosts of Finding Your Shine Podcast

Once again the internet has connected me with new friends! In this episode I am sharing a conversation I had with the hosts of the Finding Your Shine Podcast, originally known as the Wine and Shine Podcast. I found them a little over a year ago because I found out that Katie Dalebout was a guest on their podcast. If you’re a long time listener of my podcast you probably know I love Katie’s podcast so as soon as I saw her on Finding Your Shine I listened right away. Now I am a regular listener of Finding your Shine. Nina and Liz are the perfect combination and balance of bubbly chatter and thoughtful questions. We talk about Nina’s journey into health coaching, Liz’s relationship with food and money, podcasting and body image. I’m so happy I got the opportunity to chat with them and I hope you enjoy our conversation. Happy listening!

Here is how you can connect with Nina and Liz:

-Finding Your Shine Podcast

-Liz also is a co-host of The Inspheration Podcast

-Nina’s health coaching

-Mindful money with Liz

-Updates on Finding Your Shine on Instagram


-Finding Your Shine

-Nourished With Nina

-Liz Garster

-Inspheration Podcast

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