(20) Regina Pietraroia, Director and Founder of Dance Arts by Regina

Welcome to Episode TWENTY of the podcast! Yay, 20 episodes! I know it is a small mile marker but it is still one that I am proud of. Thank you to everyone that has shown their support. I am excited to continue to make this content better and to continue making new connections.

In this episode I share a conversation I had with my friend Regina. She is the founder and director of Dance Arts by Regina, a dance studio here in the Cleveland area. We talk about fear, failure, how she tunes into her intuition, how she started teaching dance, what it took to open a dance studio and more! You do not want to miss out on this conversation. It is long, organic and left me feeling really inspired afterwards. Happy listening!

DISCLAIMER: There is a bit of background noise in this interview due to recording outside. This does not however take away from the interview.

Connect with Regina:

-Dance Arts by Regina


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