(24) Lisa Quine, Lettering Artist, Muralist, Designer and Creative Consultant

In Episode 24 of the podcast I bring on Lisa Quine. She is a Cleveland local known for her hand lettering and murals. She has been featured in Cleveland Magazine and Pressure Life among other publications and has appeared on multiple podcasts. She was even asked to travel to France to paint a mural which she tells us all about in this episode. I met Lisa at a networking event at Our Creative Clubhouse back in May. Ever since, we have stayed in touch on social media and she has always been super supportive of this podcast. Listen here.

Some things we talk about in the episode:

  • How creativity first entered her life

  • How she got into lettering

  • How her career took off and how she decided to transition out of a full time job

  • Comparison on social media

  • Creative blocks

And more!

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Photo by    Sharon Hughes

Photo by Sharon Hughes

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