(27) Rachel Wentworth, Co-Founder of Forty Winks and Host of Keeping Shop Podcast


If you listened to my solo episode, you’ll know that one of the intentions I have this year for the podcast is to interview more creatives outside of Cleveland. So that is what this week’s episode is. I am joined by Rachel Wentworth, Co-Founder of the lingerie shop, Forty Winks, and host of the Keeping Shop Podcast. I discovered Rachel through her podcast a few months ago. On Keeping Shop, she interviews a wide array of brick and mortar shop owners. It’s a really inspiring podcast to listen to so I urge you to check it out when you’re done listening to this episode.

In our conversation we talk about:

  • Rachel’s inspiration to let go and how she got through a period of burnout

  • How being an older sibling prepared her to be a good leader in her business

  • What it is like having a business partner

  • The importance of having a business plan

  • What she went through to open a brick and mortar and advice she has for others looking to do the same

  • How body positivity plays a role in curating the items for the store

  • Why she started a podcast

And so much more!

Other notes from the show:

  • In the beginning of the episode we mention a book by Marlee Grace titled, “How to Not Always be Working.” You can find the book here.

Some of my favorite episodes of the Keeping Shop Podcast:

Here’s how you can connect with Rachel:

  • Visit Forty Winks when you’re visiting Cambridge, Massachusetts (Or if you live in Boston and haven’t gone yet, get there now!)

  • Listen to Keeping Shop

  • Follow Forty Winks on Instagram

  • Follow Keeping Shop on Instagram

  • Keeping Shop Website

  • Forty Winks Website

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