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Claim your spot…

We created an amazing 8 week program for you to get your podcast started. It’s called The Podcast Starter Pack. This is for you if you have always dreamed of having a podcast but have no clue where to start. At the end of the 8 weeks, you will have everything you need to start your podcast!

The Podcast Starter Pack will include:

+Podcast coaching—throughout the 8 weeks I will be holding your hand through every step of the way

+An initial 90 minute consultation call, up to two follow up phone calls and unlimited e-mail/text support

+Access to private resource hub here on the Muse Room website

+One hour long photo shoot

+Custom podcast theme music

+Podcast branding

What is the investment? $750 for the entire program. Payment plans will be available.

*Hosting service, recording equipment and editing software not included*

Let’s chat podcasting

+Personalized podcast coaching

+ 3, 1 hour sessions in person or over the phone

+For beginner and intermediate podcasters

+$175 investment

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Podcast Management

This is for the podcaster that wants to have a podcast but doesn’t have the time to manage it. All you have to do is record the content and we will take care of the rest.

+One episode per month

+$100 per month

+1, 3, 6, or12 Month Commitment

+$25 deposit to claim your spot

+Two episodes per month

+$200 per month

+1, 3, 6, or 12 Month Commitment

+$50 deposit to claim your spot

+Four episodes per month

+$380 per month

+1, 3, 6, or 12 Month Commitment

+$75 deposit to claim your spot

What do these packages include?

Each podcast management package will include:

+An initial consultation either in person or over the phone. This will be tailored to your needs depending on if you are a new podcaster or if you already have a podcast.

+Audio editing

-Putting the content together and editing out uhms, likes and long pauses.

-Editing out basic background noise


-This includes posting your episode to your hosting service and distributing it to all major platforms.

-Writing show notes

-Reaching out to guests and sponsors

*At this time we do not offer music, photography or social media management.

Any other questions? E-mail museroompodcast@gmail.com


podcaster photoshoots…

Muse Room now offers photoshoots for podcasters. We are partnering with Diana Musa, our resident photographer to offer you beautiful, branded images for your podcast.

Why do you need branded images for your podcast? Well, professional photos help to represent your brand for what it is. When you create your podcast, you are essentially creating a brand. And chances are, your brand will have a presence on social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook. Professional photos help take those social media accounts to the next level and you can never have enough content for them. That is where our photoshoots will help you.

What is the investment? $125 for one, hour long photoshoot. Have any questions? Email katie@museroom.space

Podcast Music

With podcasting being a platform primarily based in audio, it is important to have good music. If you work with Muse Room Media you can get good quality music that is unlike other podcasts. We work with a professional music producer to commission a beat that is unique to your podcast.

Custom Beats

+$75 investment

+Music that is exclusive to your podcast only

Non-exclusive Beats

+$50 investment

+Obtain rights to unique music that is NOT exclusive to your podcast only

Learn about our Resident Music Producer below.

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Resident music producer

SmokeFace is a multi instrumentalist and producer from Cincinnati, Ohio. At 24 years old, SmokeFace has been making music his entire life. He specializes in hip hop but is well versed in all genres. He recently concluded a campaign of creating 365 days of beats on his Instagram, and has since moved on to streaming his music making progress on Twitch and Youtube and has been very busy drumming with his band MultiMagic.

You can also connect with SmokeFace via Facebook and Twitter.

Listen to a sampling of his music below.